Who we are.

Lonely Cryptid Media was started by two nerds with a dream: to bring the world the best in queer, anti-racist, pro-feminist games. Using our skills in art, game-design, and writing we are dedicated to telling stories that expand the imagination, inspire creativity, and provide the glorious opportunity to date mothman.

Our development team.

Lead Artist and Coding:

April Autumn is a Queer artist and Pun Master Extraordinaire hailing (pun intended) from the chilly coast of Maine. She thoroughly enjoys comics of multiple forms, especially ones that deal with Queer themes, romance, magic and a Spooky yet lighthearted atmosphere. When she’s not drawing or coding for LCM, she can usually be found working as a BHP, reading comics, playing board games, or watching Star Trek.

Lead Writer:

Dan Michael Fielding is a writer and sociologist from the frozen tundra of Minnesota. He has a soft spot for stories about found families, cryptids, and scientific achievement. His favorite author is Ursula K. Le Guin. When he’s not writing for Lonely Cryptid Media he can usually be found playing with his dog, Sam, or prowling the streets in the dead of night searching for his lost boyfriend, Mothman.