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Resist With Every Inch and Every Breath

Resist With Every Inch and Every Breath was a phrase first spoken by Riot Grrrl zine makers in interviews with sociologist Kristen Schilt. As a phrase, it perfectly captures the spirit of resistance that has sustained so many activists across so many movements. In the face of overwhelming unequal and discriminatory structures there are those who stand up and commit their lives to make change.

This collection of twelve poems and stories asks us to think deeply about resistance big and small. In this anthology we look to the present and future of resistance and ask: What does it mean to fight for the last inch of freedom? What does it mean to fight until the last breath our body holds?

With stories contributed by D L Lang, Jefferson Retallack, Kate Pashby, Katherine Sinback, Catherine A. Lee, T.B. Grennan, Marsheila Rockwell, Laura J. Campbell, M. Kelly Peach, Octavia Cade, Beulah Vega, and Molly Thynes.

The cover for Fireweed: Stories From the Revolution depicts two rows of black and white figures brandishing rainbow colored fireweed flowers.

Fireweed: Stories from the Revolution

Sixteen stories and poems of triumph, resistance, and revolution.

Feel the wind in your hair as a racecar driver sacrifices all. Learn about the long road to Jupiter, and a potentially brighter future for humanity. Rest alongside a young immigrant imprisoned by ICE as she begins to demonstrate strange powers. Reflect on the dreams and ambitions of revolutionary leaders in decades past. Bask in the peace and quiet as the news stops–for just one day.

These and more await you in Fireweed: Stories from the Revolution. Read, be inspired, and join revolutions already in progress!

Named for the tenacious fireweed flower, a plant that springs up on burned ground as a testament to life’s ability to flourish under fire, Fireweed includes work by Lorraine Schein, Tina Schumann, Fabiyas MV, Robert Beveridge, R.K. Duncan, Alexander Mercury, Jendi Reiter, H.L. Fullerton, Wesley Spears-Newsome, Gwen C. Katz, M. Darusha Wehm, Alex Zalben, Dan Michael Fielding, Kai Hudson, Fernando A. Torres, and dave ring. Cover art is by April Kalde.

Games by Lonely Cryptid Media

Most of our games are free to play or provide community copies free-of-charge to those who can’t afford the listed price. If you can afford the listed price we greatly appreciate your contribution! It will help us keep making games.


You are a band of no-good outlaws looking to rustle up some space cows from a few easy marks. Unfortunately for your ability to focus, you keep falling in love with your marks, your boss, your fellow rustlers—basically, with everyone!

In the world of RUSTLE & ROMANCE, cowhands spend their time thieving, scheming, and…dating? Have a high-speed gun battle on (robot) horseback, shoot cool laser guns, steal all the gold, dance in the pale moonlight, and court beautiful people in this hack of LASERS & FEELINGS by John Harper.

It’s About the Yearning

You are a historian tasked with collecting the life histories of a dying breed: Martian cowhands. For years the work of herding cattle, horses, and other large animals across Mars’s desert surface has been a refuge for those ostracized from the gleaming white Martian cities. Queer and gender nonconforming cowhands are especially common, and without the work of historians like you their stories will be lost, crushed under the metal boot of urbanization and factory farming.

Renew: A Narrative-Building Game

In this one-page narrative role-playing game the primary mechanic is asking and answering questions. Explore a post-climate change world of your own creation with friends or as a solo adventure. Describe how the world heals, stays the same, or is injured anew. Explore uplifting options or just keep your head down and move on to the next job. This game is also suitable for worldbuilding a location and community for sustained play with other TTRPG systems.

There is Magic in the World

You have been taught two things. First, the world is beautiful and full of magic. Second, to use that magic to touch the dead is an inherently evil act. The first statement seems to be tenuous at best, and you’re starting to have doubts about the second.

There is Magic in the World is a magic system, world, spell list, and game module designed around the principle of replenishment. Magic is a world resource represented by a dice pool. It is the responsibility of every magic user to replenish this pool, and to use magic responsibly. Use magic to do incredible things–or, make mistakes and face complications.

Border: A Cooperative Card Game for Two Players

Cooperatively work to dismantle a border of cards.

his game was created because there are very few cooperative cards games which use a standard deck of playing cards. Most card games are adversarial, placing players in competition with one another. The goal of this game is to work in concert with your fellow player to accomplish a goal: dismantle a border of cards before you run out of time.

This game is easy to pick up, with rules that can be learned in just a few minutes. The border “setting” provides a loose roleplaying structure that you are free to use or leave behind, depending on your goals during play.

A Building-Futures Simulator

Inspired by the work of Augusto Boal and the Theatre of the Oppressed, A Building-Futures Simulator is a game about moving towards the future. The future is something we are always moving towards but never fully reaching. The future is always a work in progress, something to be shaped and changed rather than something immutable and stagnant. Play with at least two people and a six-sided die. Develop a future sentence and make decisions which move you towards your goal. Roll the die to determine the response to your action and use improvisation and discussion to determine the outcome.