A Book by a Local Author – Reading Women 2019

This post is part of a series on reading women 2019 hosted by Lonely Cryptid Media’s Narrative Designer, Dan Michael Fielding.

Shop local. Eat local. Buy local.

You’ve heard the rallying cries, I’m sure. Local business owners, struggling to compete with large corporations who can easily sell at a loss until they drive local competition out of town, have devised a number of ways to encourage local consumption.

This prompt asks you to go one step further: Read local.

Every place in the world has people furiously writing away. Often times their works goes unappreciated, however, if it’s not picked up by a national (or international) publisher or news outlet. The same problem that plagues independent book publishers also plagues the local author.

Small publishers and local authors may not have the funds for large advertising campaigns, but that doesn’t mean their work is any less enjoyable. After a little research you might also discover that an author local to your area is a big name but you never knew about them! This is a good opportunity to engage in some local pride.

For this prompt, I went to my local library and told them about my love for science fiction. You might try checking out a local bookstore, visiting your library, or simply exercising your google search abilities.

There are many ways to find local authors to support, and you may be surprised at how easy it is once you do a little research. For example some places are borrowing from the community supported agriculture model to deliver local books to your doorstep every month!

If you can’t find a local author you think you’ll like you can also simply ask for recommendations from your library or bookstore.

I was recommended The Fullness of Time by Kate Wilhelm. I actually have heard of Wilhelm before, and I read her excellent book Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang a few years ago. What I didn’t know was that Wilhelm lived in my town for most of her adult life until she died in 2018.

I’m pleased to be able to return to an author I enjoy for this challenge.

What will you be reading? Did you discover anything interesting in your search for a local author?

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