Preorder Fireweed: Stories From the Revolution Today!

Preorder now to receive these sixteen stories and poems of triumph, resistance, and revolution on September 1st. Preorder Fireweed on Smashwords or Amazon today!

Cover art is by April Kalde.

Feel the wind in your hair as a racecar driver sacrifices all. Learn about the long road to Jupiter, and a potentially brighter future for humanity. Rest alongside a young immigrant imprisoned by ICE as she begins to demonstrate strange powers. Reflect on the dreams and ambitions of revolutionary leaders in decades past. Bask in the peace and quiet as the news stops–for just one day.

These and more await you in Fireweed: Stories from the Revolution. Read, be inspired, and join revolutions already in progress!

Named for the tenacious fireweed flower, a plant that springs up on burned ground as a testament to life’s ability to flourish under fire, Fireweed includes work by Lorraine Schein, Tina Schumann, Fabiyas MV, Robert Beveridge, R.K. Duncan, Alexander Mercury, Jendi Reiter, H.L. Fullerton, Wesley Spears-Newsome, Gwen C. Katz, M. Darusha Wehm, Alex Zalben, Dan Michael Fielding, Kai Hudson, Fernando A. Torres, and dave ring.

Preording helps us to budget author payments. As a small publisher, we pledged to give 1% of the sales for the first two months to each author, in addition to an up-front payment. We’re on a quest to help every author build a sustainable career.

If you’re able, consider preordering Fireweed on Smashwords or Amazon today! You’ll receive a copy of the anthology as soon as it goes live on September 1, 2020 while also helping our authors receive timely payments for their contributions.

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