Author Interview: Fabiyas MV

Fabiyas MV is the author of the poem “The Revolutionary” which appeared in our recent anthology Fireweed: Stories From the Revolution. We chatted with Faibyas about the poem and hopes for the future.

What are you reading, watching, or listening to? What media are you partaking in right now?

 I’m reading “Origin” by Dan Brown. Media is Facebook.

Tell us about your poem. What inspired you to write this poem?

My poem is “The Revolutionary”. I penned it, pained and inspired by life and sufferings of Liu Xiabo, who fought for human rights in China.

Liu Xiaobo was a former professor of literature at Beijing Normal University. He fought for democracy and human rights.

He was jailed in 1989 for his role in supporting students who had taken part in the peaceful protests (Tiananmen Square massacre). He was imprisoned again from 1996 to 1999 for criticizing China’s policies toward Taiwan and Tibet. Again in 2009, Liu was sentenced to 11 years imprisonment. In 2010, Liu was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. He died in 2017.

I’d read his sad story in newspaper. His revolutionary zeal and human love attracted me.

What are you hoping readers will get out of this poem?

I hope they will be reminded of the fight for freedom and human rights through struggles and miseries.

What’s your favorite part of this poem?

“Flesh rots, but his seeds
have been preserved
in the winter of the world.”

What are you working on now? What projects are exciting you? Where can people go to get more of your work?

Now I’m working on my 7th book, a compilation of short stories. You can find me on Facebook: Fabiyas M V Orumanayur.

What makes you feel motivated to write? Why do you continue to show up and write?

Things around motivate me to write. I want to show up and write my thoughts and passion through truth, beauty and human love.

What are you hopeful for going forward?

Success as a writer!

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