Author Interview: Fernando A. Torres

Fernando A. Torres is the author of the poem “Tears for a Mist” which appeared in Lonely Cryptid Media’s recent anthology Fireweed: Stories From the Revolution. We chatted with Fernando about his thoughts on the poems and what he’s working on now.

What are you reading, watching, or listening to? What media are you partaking in right now?

I’m reading Eduardo Galeano and listening to Vivaldi. I’m with Worldpress, Facebook and googleing the hell out of my macmini.

Tell us about your poem. What inspired you to write this poem?

My story is called Tears for a Mist. It is a mixture of my experience in the dawn in front of the Pacific Ocean and the great damages done to the aborigines, to the first people; horrendous stories that we will be dragging forever, like an amulet of death.

What are you hoping readers will get out of this poem?

I hope readers understand that everything we have including life itself, we owe to “the other beings” who were killed in the process. There is sadness but also there is wisdom and hope.

What’s your favorite part of this poem?

My favorite part is when the beings that have survived, hide inside a wicker basket to wait for the other and better world to appear.

What are you working on now? What projects are exciting you? Where can people go to get more of your work?

At the moment I am working on a collection of short stories hoping that someone will be interested in publishing them.

What makes you feel motivated to write? Why do you continue to show up and write?

I am motivated to write when I learn and tell the first stories from which human beings emerged.

What are you hopeful for going forward?

There are many unknown stories and subjects and we are so far from the dirt, from the soil and dust where our ancestors walked and sat to tell and to sing.

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